Playing house, their cat and I

A dear family friend has very kindly invited me to live in her Parisian apartment (for the next two weeks) while she is on holiday abroad. I will be eternally grateful! All the essential elements to "la vie de parisienne" are here: a cat who sits on the windowsill > cosy bohemian chic interiors > a view of the local church, which catches the beautiful golden sunlight in the late afternoon > check, check, check. Ok, for the sake of keeping things honest, the cat can be a bit naughty. He's already broken two things and uses the pot plants as his litter. I hope my family friend doesn't think I'm trying to frame the cat for the broken items... and for the pot plants.


  1. I think I am already addicted to your blog. And now I even know how to post a comment! I love your blog. It looks like you. Xox

  2. Non je pense que chacun peu le porter il faut juste l'arranger à sa sauce suivant son age et accessoirisé en fonction de cela :D Je suis vraiment fan de tes photos, si tu es interessée par une interview.... contacte moi