What's in the box?


This post is not so much for the shot as for the fact that I wanted to share this discovery with you. Most of my adult life I have heard about how much women are dying to be handed that little blue box by their lover. For the men out their who are not yet in the loop, the little blue box is so highly prized because it comes from Tiffany's. All this is now superseded in my mind as I recently received the big blue box. Thank you mon chéri! And the big blue box is the one we should all be dreaming of. Because the big blue box comes from Grey Goose and contains 70cls of liquid deliciousness and two goose stamped martini glasses. Now THAT is the cat's whiskers of presents! Tchin-tchin!

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  1. Vodka - Sandy you stay your sane self. :) Hope you had a good break.