Big decisions, 4ème arr.

My life long friend and her sister outside La Maison Georges Larnicol, 14 rue de Rivoli > Pots of salty caramel > 16 different flavours of macaroons, including bergamoth and vervain (tea)

I went to an Yves Saint Laurent exhibition, which was a complete let down. I'm scrapping 3 rue Léonce Reynaud from my Paris map. I paid 7€ to watch a 2 minute snippet of an interview and walk past a few tattered outfits. Not too worry, the disappointment was more than made up for by an unplanned visit to La Maison Georges Larnicol. Only 4.50 will get you a bag of eight of their beautiful macaroons. Needless to say, I'd rather put my money where my mouth is. Appropriately, the shop's logo is simply the letter "g", circled. The message is clear: ladies, this is the magic spot. And I can confirm, this was without a doubt the climax of my day.


  1. Je le savais deja que ca n avait aucun rapport avec les macaronis! Et en plus, j adore les photos. Ces couleurs: un regal! As-tu remarque le monsieur qui passe derriere Coline? Sa chemise rose rappelle le macaron d en dessous. Ca fait un triptyque tres harmonieux. Une tres jolie composition. Xox

  2. Merci! Et non, je n'avais pas remarqué la chemise rose dans la photo du haut. Tu as l'oeil! xo

  3. I need to get off this blog, my stomach is becoming noisy. Great photos!